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You are the magic in the world I see...

Dreams on fire... passions burnt...

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♥ -- Ria
Ria ♥ 17 ♥ College Student ♥ Indian ♥ Graphic Learner ♥ Tom Felton fangirl ♥ William Moseley fanatic ♥ Film lover ♥ Music mad ♥ Writer ♥ Dancer ♥ Actress ♥ Camera Whore ♥
♥ -- I love
♥ Hugs
♥ My family and friends
♥ Cookies
♥ Making graphics
♥ Laughing
♥ Dancing
♥ Acting
♥ Being random
♥ Shopping
♥ Cooking
♥ Harry Potter
♥ Narnia
♥ Warm sunny days
♥ Ironing
♥ Tea
♥ Raccons
♥ My pillow
♥ Thunderstorms (when I'm inside)
♥ Writing fanfiction
But I'm not so fond of...
Spiders, homework, fake people, judgemetal people, heights, cold morning when I have to get up, public transport, wind&rain, feeling tired and not being able to sleep
♥ -- Fan of
Dev Patel ♥ , Imran Khan, William Moseley, Bonnie Wright, Helena Bonham Carter, Evanna Lynch, Johnny Depp, Anna Popplewell, Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes, Liam Neeson, James McAvoy, Jonathan Rhy Meyers, Cameron Diaz, Audrey Hepburn, Friends, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, The Shopaholic series
♥ -- My Shippings
Draco/Ginny {Harry Potter} ♥ Draco/Luna {Harry Potter} ♥ Theo/Ginny {Harry Potter} ♥ Draco/Astoria {Harry Potter} ♥ Jamal/Latika {Slumdog Millionaire} ♥ Peter/Susan {The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe} ♥ Will/Anna {The Chronicles of Narnia: Actors} ♥ Louis/Lyla {August Rush} ♥ Noah/Allie {The Notebook}
♥ -- Other
Dev Patel is my husband at fairytale_wed
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